Valkyrie Systre
Installation La sposa e la Damigella by Valkyria. Foto by Hilde BøValkyria`s moist rock crack brooch.Intestines, a boa for cold autumdays. Limited production especially for X-Lab in Berlin. Produced in recycled natural materials such as cotton and linen. Handmade.Godhearted Brooch. A small portable textile sculpture. Embroidered and painted silk. Developed on request from X-Lab gallery in Berlin.Fine Hearts from Vedova Industries Incorporated, by Valkyria.Knit: Valkyria, photography: Hilde Børn(model: best kid)

Valkyria is knitting the news of 2014.

The new investiment is called SK 840 and is a nice high tech knittingmachine
So nice as that there will be knittingstudies at Høgskolen i Telemark this autumn.

A taste of knits you find here:

2013 was mostly dedicated to special orders like bridal dress, uniform for Skjerdal stølscafè, handmade supportergear and handmade fairtrade silk dress. 

Valkyria is chosen as the hand crafter of the month in the Norwegian portal for handcraft named BIRKA .


Valkyria presents a photoshoot by the photographer: Hilde .

"Solid Solitude"  with designs like the dress "Reset for a restart", the hood "Grandma Punk" and the hood "Were woolf".