Valkyrie Systre
Photpgrapher: Hilde BøPhotpgrapher: Hilde BøPhotpgrapher: Hilde BøPhotpgrapher: Hilde Bø

Textile Installation, 2 x 1,5 m.

Mixed media: textile techniques like embroidery by hand and by sewing machine, crocheting, knitting and application and paint over a tailored wedding dress. The brides dress consists of two overlaying corselets, the upper one is transparent the gown is a rather slim model with a long tail. The bridesmaid dress is made by a recycled apron from my grandmother`s closet and a recycled elastic corselet with wrinkled pieces of recycled fabrics and knitted stockings.

The hair is small sculptures made of  kanekalon (artificial hair).

Materials used: cotton, linen, silk, wool, goat leather, crinoline, elastic material, can openers, acrylic paint and paint for textiles and two painted shop mannequins.